<strong>Everything about skincare routines</strong>

Everything about skincare routines

Having a good skincare routine is very important. Every skin is different, so every skin needs something else. What kind of products you choose depends on your skin type, your personal preferences and whether you wear make-up everyday or not. In this blog you will read about the different skin types, choosing products for yourself and the importance of keeping it in your routine.

Skin type

There are a few different types of skin. Some people have oily skins, while other people have dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin or a combination. An oily skin probably needs a product that will keep their sebum production in balance. Do you have dry skin? Then you probably need some extra moisture to prevent problems. A sensitive skin will react on products that contain alcohol, so if this is the case you will want to choose something more natural and soft for your face. Lots of products are made for skin types, so when you know what your skin type is it is easier to take care of it and find a product that fits you. 

Choosing products

For choosing products you will need to look at your skin type, your budget and any other personal preferences. Maybe you have acne that you want to treat with some good products, or your cheeks get red really quick. In that case you can search for something more specific. It’s good to have at least one lotion or butter so your skin will be protected the whole day. Do you wear make-up everyday? Then you will need a good make-up remover, always take the time to take your products off. Afterwards you can use dropper bottles to add for example some oil on your face. Do you make your own skin products? Search for ‘apothecary jars wholesale to find good jars to store your product in. 

The importance of skincare

Removing your make-up, using a moisturizer and protecting your skin against the sun are a few things that are very important for your skin. Your skin will be smoother and clearer. Also, people who do not protect their skin against the sun will mostly develop more wrinkles when they get older. Say bye to skin problems and choose a good routine.


Choose a good product for your skin type and your skin will be happy and clear without any problems. Make sure you stick to the same routine with the same products that work for you.